Our Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum

As children enter preschool, they begin to think symbolically and logically. With these new skills, and an increased mastery of language, the preschool child is ready to further develop an understanding of the world around them. Inquisition turns into interest and skills form as a result. At Carlsbad Country Day School we believe that each child's abilities and skills are unique, and should be embraced. We believe in a child directed learning environment, which allows children to learn from topics that interest them. As children learn through play, we emphasize critical literacy skills and school readiness. We give children the chance to practice decision-making and self-help skills in a positive and supportive setting. Here at Carlsbad Country Day School, we provide an unparalleled level of consistent, attentive and loving care. Through our continuity of care program, we allow a strong bond to form between caregiver and child, as they continue together throughout the years. We provide peace of mind for parents allowing them to stay connected with their preschoolers over our Daycare Camera system. These early years in a child's life are the most influential and often determine the way a child will learn, socialize, and view the world around them. Remember, the end depends on the beginning.