About Carlsbad Country Day School

Our Philosophy

At Carlsbad Country Day School, we believe that a strong academic base, curated through purposeful exploration and positive guidance from highly qualified teachers, will build an important foundation for future success. We believe that a balance of teacher-directed and child-directed learning develops the child as a whole and is therefore an essential aspect of your child's first school experiences.

Carlsbad Country Day School is committed to provide your child with a strong academic foundation in a warm, nurturing, and secure environment. The Primary School Program provides children with the tools and guidance necessary to become true problem solvers and innovators, utilizing research-based curriculum and instruction that reflect a core understanding of how children learn and develop. The Preschool Program provides a print rich environment, integration of all disciplines, hands on learning, and emphasizes the discovery of important social and educational concepts. Even the youngest children in our Infant and Toddler Program are given the opportunity to learn and develop while enjoying a happy stimulating school environment that promotes curiosity and inspires exploration.

Our curriculum is based on the idea that children learn through thoughtfully planned, purposeful activities and meaningful interactions facilitated by dynamic teachers. These activities allow children to become confident learners, exploring and investigating through valuable first hand experiences. At Carlsbad Country Day School we believe that the end depends on the beginning and our mission is to establish a promising foundation for scholarly exploration, social contribution, and personal growth.

We believe to develop Physically a child needs to exercise all parts of their bodies and get plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and healthy food in a clean and safe environment.

We believe to develop Socially a child needs to interact with other children and adults. This provides a moral base, including independence and self-discipline. Further, children need to be provided with open-ended opportunities to communicate their creativity throughout a variety of curricular domains.

We believe to develop Emotionally a child needs to learn express their feelings, to love, be loved, to feel good about themselves and to empathize with others. We believe that continuity of care, the practice of having the same caregiver throughout their earliest years of school, facilitates strong emotional development.

We believe to develop Intellectually a child needs to be encouraged to discover new things, solve problems, build an understanding of numbers, express their thoughts and ideas in writing, communicate effectively and develop early literacy through books, songs, and poetry.

Carlsbad Country Day School believes that excellent child care replicates many aspects of a quality home environment, where caring adults nurture children to grow and learn. We believe all teaching practices should be developmentally appropriate, attuned to children as unique individuals, and responsive to the cultural contexts in which children live.