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  • Hours of Operation

    Carlsbad Country Day School operates Monday - Friday, 6:00 AM till 6:00 PM , excluding Holidays & School Closures.

  • Telephone/Email

    Please call us at (760) 804-0550 , or you can email us at

  • Address

    5150 Hemingway Drive                              Carlsbad, CA  92008                                                                                         

  • School Tours

    Carlsbad Country Day School enrolls students on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited so please contact us for availability or come in for a tour. Scheduled tours are not necessary.

  • Camera Support

    If you are experiencing issues with our camera system, please contact KidsVision at 1-888-543-7876. Or, by email at

  • Staff Directory

    To view a listing of Carlsbad Country Day School staff members, please click here.