The end depends on the beginning

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Our Philosophy

At Carlsbad Country Day School, we believe that a strong academic base developed through play and practice will build a foundation for future academic success. While we believe that play is the primary vehicle for children's learning and development in the early years, teacher directed learning develops the child as a whole and is therefore an essential aspect of your child’s first school experience.

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Our Curriculum

At Carlsbad Country Day School, each child's curriculum is individualized to fit their specific developmental stage. We provide parents with daily detailed documentation of their child's progress. Our loving and highly trained teachers are devoted to the success of each and every child. Remember, the end depends on the beginning.


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Carlsbad Country Day School enrolls students on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited so please contact the school for availability or come in for a tour. We are open from 6am-6pm and scheduled tours are not necessary.


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Why Carlsbad Country Day School?

Carlsbad Country Day School believes that excellent child care replicates many aspects of a quality home environment, where caring adults nurture children to grow and learn. We believe each child's cultural background is also relevant in the design of a curriculum that is age-appropriate for all children and individually appropriate for each child. Carlsbad Country Day School welcomes the participation of parents in our program and extend an open invitation to parents to become involved. We believe that ongoing communication with parents enhances the development of the children in our care.

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