Our Curriculum

Infant Curriculum

An infant's development is so astounding and yet many of their early milestones go unnoticed. From day one, children are eager and determined to understand how the world works. They do this through play using all the "tools" they have at their disposal. At Carlsbad Country Day School the infant curriculum is centered around a responsive relationship with each child. Loving interaction and nurturance is the single most important part in an infant's development. The latest research confirms what parents have known for a long time; the child who is loved and cared for in a responsive consistent environment thrives. Here at Carlsbad Country Day School, we provide an unparalleled level of consistent, attentive and loving care. Through our continuity of care program, we allow a strong bond to form between caregiver and child, as they continue together throughout the years. We provide peace of mind for parents allowing them to stay connected with their infants over our Daycare Camera system. Our environment is safe and nurturing, allowing infant's the security and confidence to try new things. At Carlsbad Country Day School, each child's curriculum is individualized to fit their specific developmental stage. We provide parents with daily detailed documentation of their child's progress. Our loving and highly trained teachers are devoted to the success of each and every child. Remember, the end depends on the beginning.