Our Curriculums

Curriculum Information

Carlsbad Country Day School's curriculum is based on children learning through planned, purposeful, play-based activities. These activities allow children to become confident learners, exploring and investigating through valuable first hand experiences. The preschool program provides a print rich environment, integration of all disciplines, hands on learning, and discovery of social and educational core concepts. The youngest children in our Infant and Toddler Program are given the opportunity to grow and develop while enjoying a happy stimulating school environment. At Carlsbad Country Day School we believe that the end depends on the beginning and we plan on creating a strong foundation.


Our infant curriculum centers around a responsive relationship. Loving interaction and nurturance is the single most important part in an infant's development.

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Encouraging a toddler's natural urge to explore their environment is at the heart of the Carlsbad Country Day School philosophy.

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With an increased mastery of language, the preschool child is ready to further develop an understanding of the world around them.

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Our elementary curriculum promotes the highest academic standards while encouraging creativity through music, art, physical activity, science and more.

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